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2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 1 A M E W I M B y l a w s  


Section 1. Membership.

The categories of membership shall be:

a. Full Membership: for women ordained to the itinerant ministry. They shall be eligible to vote and to hold most offices. [See eligibility chart]
b. Local Membership: for women ordained to the local ministry, licensed evangelists, and licensed exhorters. They shall be eligible to vote and to hold some offices. [See eligibility chart]
c. Advisory Membership: for superannuates who have retired from active service in the itinerant or local ministry. They shall be eligible to vote but not to hold office.
d. Student/Licentiate Membership: for women enrolled in an institution of higher education on a full time basis and/or women licensed to preach and preparing for  ordination. Licentiates are not entitled to vote or hold office unless within a Campus Ministry. [See Election Eligibility Chart]. Ordained Clergy are eligible to vote.
e. Associate Membership: for male clergy and laity who are supportive of AME/WIM. They shall not be eligible to vote or to hold office.
f. All persons seeking membership must be in good and regular standing in their local churches and Annual Conferences as defined by The Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church. Good and regular standing for women in ministry shall include  the payment of dues on the Connectional, District and Annual Conference levels

Section 2. Dues.

Connectional dues for Districts One through Thirteen shall be:
1. Full Membership = $30.00
2. Local Membership = $20.00
3. Advisory Membership = $15.00
4. Student/Licentiate Membership = $15.00
5. Associate Membership = $20.00

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