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A New Decade - A New Year

January 2020 - A New Decade A New Year

Happy New Year My Sisters!

It’s a new season and a new day and this month’s Word of Encouragement will come in the form of a reminder and an invitation (in that order).

Let me start with this: Years ago, Helen Baylor recorded the song entitled, “Wounded Soldier”. Have you ever heard it? If no, make sure you YouTube it, but until then, the lyrics to the chorus go like this: “Come let us pour the oil, come let us bind their hurt. Let's cover them with a blanket of His love. Come let us break the bread, come let us give them rest. Let's minister healing to them. Don't let another wounded soldier die”. Beautiful huh? So here’s the thing….

We spent almost all of 2019 talking about and encouraging clergy self-care, especially for women in ministry. Truth is, we often find ourselves helping, encouraging, praying, and caring for everyone and we forget about ourselves. Unfortunately, it’s not until we’re knocked off our feet with a bad cold, the flu, or a migraine that we slow down and rest.

So, here’s your reminder: We won't let another wounded soldier die so SLOW DOWN and TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!! Don’t wait until you’re too sick to enjoy some “you time”. It doesn’t have to be a long period of time or expensive. It may be as simple as sitting in the car for a few minutes and taking deep long breaths before going in the house or having a good ugly cry while taking a long hot shower. Slow down and take care of you. This is one of those things that we must CHOOSE to do for ourselves.

Listen, let me break it all the way down. I love a cold glass of orange juice. As I drink from the glass, I’m refreshed. But when the orange juice is gone and the glass is empty, it no longer provides refreshment and the only thing left is an empty glass. Don’t be the empty glass. Take time and refresh, refill, revive, and renew you so you can in turn minister full.

Now here comes the invitation.

The Second Episcopal District Women In Ministry is hosting a self-care retreat the day before the Mid-Winter Meeting begins and this is my personal invitation for you to join me and other Women In Ministry for 240 Minutes of Meditation, Motivation and Mental Relaxation.

The date is Wednesday, February 12, 2020 from 1pm to 5pm at Persimmon Grove AME Church, Greensboro, NC 27410 where The Reverend Deborah Lawson-Smith is the Pastor. There will be a workshop, healthy eating tips, homemade snacks, fellowship, and lots of laughter and fun.

The cost? Just $10. That’s 42 cents an hour that you’ll be investing in your self-care! Come on, you can’t do any better than that! You can register NOW on the website ( and pay your registration through Cashapp. Okay? I’ll see you there…..

Oh, let me throw this in. When you travel to the various meetings, consider arriving the day before so you don’t feel so stressed. I’m telling you, try it one time and I bet you never go back J.


Rev. Dana

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