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Forget About It

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Forget About It

Blessings and Love my Sisters,

I know what you were thinking, “Oh no, I haven’t gotten the July words of encouragement! What shall I do, what shall I do?” Okay, maybe you weren’t that dramatic but in my head, I’d like to think you were devastated. So here’s what’s up – simply put - I have no excuse for not doing July’s words of encouragement. I simply forgot.

In all honesty, sometimes we just need to be accountable for those things we do, as well as those things we don’t do. I mean, I can tell you that life for me has been hectic….tooth abscess causing a toothache (NEVER knew pain like that), July 4th holiday and lazy days, Summer Summit, back at work playing catch up, church commitments, etc., etc., etc. You know what I mean. And in the midst of it all, I simply forgot. No excuses. I just forgot.

So here’s the lesson:

Stop beating yourself up when you forget to do something or forget to show up for something. You can’t do everything for everybody and be in all places for all people. Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and we need to take a voluntary break before the Lord makes us take one and we end up sick, being placed on bed-rest. You feel me?

So, take a look at your calendar and ask yourself, “Do I really need to be there?” and if not, take a break. Treat yourself. Or just go take a nap. Do something for you…without the guilt or shame. You’ll be better for it.


Rev. Dana

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