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Give Your Face a Break

February 2020 Words of Encouragement

This month is packed full of “Words of Encouragement” moments. We have Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, Founder’s Day, Richard Allen’s birthday, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, Groundhog Day, Red Dress Sunday, and a plethora of other created days to celebrate; too many to mention here, but I’ll bet if you Google “Special Days In February", you’ll find something that’ll fit your liking.

Recently, I heard a quote that I’d like to share with you, “It’s hard to stay in the present when you know what the future holds”. This quote came from my boss as he was talking to an employee about opportunities that would soon open up for the company. As he shared it, he smiled the entire time. Listening to him and watching him, made me smile as well and reflect on what is to come. Here's the thing, sometimes we get stuck in the past or complain about the present, and forget that we do have a bright future. Why? Because God promised and honestly, I believe every now and again, the Lord wants us to get a glimpse of our future so we can give our face a break and smile. I believe He wants us to imagine our future to keep us moving forward, to keep ourselves encouraged, and to remember that God is God.

During this month, regardless of what others say, celebrate how far you’ve come, consider where you are now, and then think of where God promised He would take you. That should make you smile and if that doesn’t work, stop and take a look at all those precious babies you see running around the church, participating in music ministry, giving you unsolicited hugs, and give your face a break and smile. Smile because the future is bright. Smile because what’s coming is going to be better than what was (Job 8:7). See yourself successful and smile. See yourself financially stable and smile. See yourself loving yourself again and smile. See yourself rested and revived and smile. See yourself celebrating yourself and smile. See yourself walking in victory and smile!

I think you understand what I’m trying to say….get excited about what God has for you and smile.

Thanks for reading and smiling.

Peace, Rev. Dana

See you next week for 240 Minutes of Meditation, Motivation, and Mental Relaxation….Safe travels J

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