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Why Fear? By Encourager Rev. Dawn M. Wayman

Updated: May 4, 2021

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27.

Not too long ago, I was sitting in my writing group listening to prayers being lifted by my peers. Somewhere along the way, my mind drifted a bit and an interesting thought entered my mind. I started thinking about the incredibly detailed and intricate plan God followed when I was being created. God created me as Black and female with all of my fingers, toes, and organs in place. God created me wonderfully. But in that moment, I was most amazed by God’s careful craftmanship that gave me the ability to hear. As I listened to others pray, I became reflective and thankful for the sense of hearing that we often take for granted.

When one considers all that goes into hearing . . . the ear canal, the eardrum, the cochlea, the auditory nerve, and perhaps the earwax too . . . the ability to hear is simply amazing and mind-blowing! In thinking of how particular God was in creating this one element of the human body, I began to question why humanity experiences fear and trepidation about every day, ordinary things. If God could piece together the cells to give me an ear that hears, doesn’t God have the ability to handle my daily challenges?

Think about it . . . how can we see, hear, touch, talk, taste, and think all at the same time? God! Our Creator allows us to do all of those things simultaneously without requiring us to think about what we’re doing. Yet, we worry about God’s ability to handle the simple and mundane in our lives! Surely our lives aren’t too complicated for God to handle. Next to God’s magnificence, every challenge, every struggle, every worry, every concern and every fear we face is minor. It’s absolute nothingness when we consider God’s ability to create us in His image.

If we fast forward to today’s COVID-19 crisis, there is an abundance of fear and anxiety among all people, both believers and non-believers alike. I understand the concerns of the people, but I also know God has proven His ability to handle the most complicated things in a manner that allows life to flow smoothly. Sunday services may be cancelled, annual conferences may be postponed, and worry about how the church will move forward through this crisis may be real. Nevertheless, the One who created us will still be by our side. The words of hymn are still true, God promises never to leave us alone in this. Because of this truth we have no reason to fear. Our God who created and formed us is walking with us, shaping us, and leading us as we navigate through our current season.

So, this month, as you navigate life’s waters, when fearful thoughts creep into your mind, consider asking yourself the question “Why fear?”. Because we were made in God’s image, no matter what we may face, we will be alright!

Lord, there are moments when we get so fixated on the challenges of our day that we forget the magnificence of Your love and power. Remind us this month that You have taken care of every detail of our lives. We have no reason to fear for You are leading the way. Amen.

©2020 Dawn M. Wayman

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